Pharos' mission is to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns by being a value added partner with deep operating expertise in healthcare. We believe greater transparency in health care quality and cost, combined with immense cost pressures from payers, creates a unique market for companies that improve outcomes and lower the total cost of healthcare. Where possible, we also seek to serve underserved areas and populations, as well as small and complex populations, by improving availability and access to high quality care and cost effective healthcare solutions and services.

The cornerstone of Pharos’ investment strategy is to seek opportunities to add value beyond the dollars invested. We provide ongoing support and counsel to our portfolio companies through active board participation. We work closely with company management to formulate strategic plans and actively monitor performance through participation in the operational review process.

Within our stated investment criteria, our investment approach contains a number of key tenets:

  • Working directly with proven experienced entrepreneurs to find investments proactively that fit our goals.
  • Investing in and growing successful healthcare companies on a regional and national scale.
  • Expanding portfolio company margins as a function of improving efficiency and growing top line revenue through Pharos’ network of investors, management teams and strategic relationships.
  • Enhancing returns through creative financial structuring.
  • Pursuing investments in partnership with experienced management teams.

"Working at Pharos gives me the opportunity to interact with some of the best and brightest healthcare entrepreneurs in the country, and to assist them in the process of building their businesses while lowering the overall cost of healthcare and improving patient outcomes. By focusing our attention in underserved markets, we also allow many entrepreneurs that otherwise might have limited chance of success due to lack of capital to pursue their dreams and create world-class healthcare companies. I couldn’t have a more rewarding career."
— Bob Crants, Founding Partner